Dog walking is essential because those that are exercised daily are proven to be calmer and less likely to have separation and dominance issues, including barking, scratching, jumping up ect. This decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, reduce joint pain and inflammation, and builds muscles and bones, this will improve walk after walk. It also improves cardiovascular fitness, not only making them fit and healthy but happy and more comfortable and behaved at home.   

All our services are personalised based on your companions’ individual requirements, considering their social, behavioural, health, age, welfare, and care needs. Discounts available for regular customers and one-off visits. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. 

Our animal handler has 5 years of experience and training including a HND in Animal Management at Sheffield College and experience working with a variety of species of animals from RSPCA. He also has a CPD in Professional Dog Training. He is qualified in Animal Care, Exotic Animal Care, Communication, Nutrition, Animal Welfare, Training, First Aid & CPR, Animal Behavior & Phycology, Rescue & Rehabilitation and Customer Service.

The single dog walks are either one hour or half hour long. We always carry fresh water, some toys, treats for when they’ve been good and a first aid kit, just in case. 

We offer a group walking service where we will pick them up, mix them in a small suitable group of other dogs that get along as great freinds. 

Group walks are one hour long and ensure they are taken care of. We always carry fresh water, lots of toys, heaps of treats and a first aid kit, just in case.   

  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Free Pre-assessment (at home before the first walk)
  • All PPE Provided and extra care taken for Covid-19
  • Animal First Aid & CPR
  • Basic to Advanced Level of Dog Training
  • Receipt of transaction
  • Waste Removal
  • Free treats (with permission)

There are a variety of places around Dronfield we take them including Cliffe Park, Sindelfingen, Firth Wood, Metapic Wood, Kitchen Wood or Hallows Golf Course. We try and mix it up giving them as much variety and enrichment as possible.

We have worked with dogs from all backgrounds, from rescue, recovery, and rehoming. From puppies to geriatric, challenging behaviours and disabilities. All the breeds and all the attitudes!

We offer free basic grooming and washing while we're out with them on all dog related services – so no muddy paws on the new carpet. We're not dog groomers, but we make sure your dogs are clean on return. We also offer a dog Walk & Wash service where we will take your dog out on an arranged date for a bit of exercise and them bring them home looking and smelling great!

We can spend some time with your companion while you are away, so they don't get lonely or destroy the house. We can also do a quick 15-minute check up on them to just let them out for a toilet break till you get home!        

We are always doing some form of training and looking for new ways to improve this service for you and your companions.

All information given is safe and secure and none of your information is shared with anyone else without permission. Privacy and data protection policy available on request.

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